Learn how CoreGuard silicon IP integrates with existing processors to prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

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CoreGuard is a silicon-based cybersecurity technology for semiconductor makers. CoreGuard integrates as a separate, sentry processor with existing SoC designs and is optimized for embedded systems.

Your CoreGuard demo will be led by one of our experienced team members. During a 30-minute demo, you will receive an introduction to CoreGuard and its architecture, take a deep dive into the CoreGuard SDK, and see examples of how CoreGuard blocks different cyberattacks.

IoT Trust. Built Into Processors.

The processors inside connected devices are not designed to protect against the vulnerabilities that exist in the software they run. And today's security solutions only increase vulnerability by adding yet more layers of inherently flawed software.

True security must be designed into hardware. CoreGuard defense goes beyond traditional compartmentalization and encryption to block entire classes of attacks in real-time, and can even eliminate zero-day threats.


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Strong Security


Premier Privacy


Serious Safety

The clock is ticking.

The next big cybersecurity failure can't be predicted. But rest assured, it will come.

In the last year alone, traditional cybersecurity measures were unable to stop more than 1500 data breaches or mitigate $600 billion in cybercrime costs.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Protect your customers by getting out in front.