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How to Establish Trust in IoT

Security, Safety, Privacy

As IoT devices grow in number and sophistication, so too do the exploits attackers use to access, manipulate and control them. But, imagine a world where network-based cyberattacks are virtually non-existent.

Read this white paper to learn how CoreGuardTM can make that world a reality by ensuring the security, safety, and privacy of IoT devices.

Download our white paper, written by Jothy Rosenberg, Founder & CEO of Dover Microsystems, to learn more.

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CoreGuard establishes and ensures IoT security, safety and privacy.

The majority of cyberattacks exploit bugs in software and on average there are 15 bugs per thousand lines of code. Today's cybersecurity solutions focus on building defensive software around our networks and applications. However, in reality, they only increase vulnerability by adding yet another layer of inherently flawed software.

CoreGuard silicon IP is designed to prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities and to empower processors to defend themselves in real-time from all network-based attacks.

The CoreGuard Advantage

Based on eight years of development, CoreGuard is the ultimate solution to protect embedded systems.

  • Security in silicon
  • Customizable and updateable
  • Eliminates zero-day attacks
  • Compartmentalization +
  • Compatible design
  • Efficient engagement model

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