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Our Embedded Systems Are Vulnerable

Learn How CoreGuard® Silicon IP Brings Safety to the Internet of Things

A full 98 percent of the world’s processors power embedded systems like those responsible for running our electrical grids, critical infrastructure, and transportation systems.

And when they fall victim to cyberattack and fail, the results can be catastrophic—deadly, even.

Download and read our white paper to learn how a combination of software and hardware can provide safety in our embedded systems, today.

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CoreGuard establishes and ensures IoT safety.

The complexity of our embedded systems have made us more vulnerable to attack, as more and more insecure code is added to the ecosystem. Since all software is vulnerable, the answer to our problem can only lie in hardware.

CoreGuard silicon IP is like a bodyguard for the host processor, checking every instruction its sent and stopping it from acting inappropriately before damage can be done to the system. CoreGuard's ability to stop entire classes of attack, and immunize embedded systems from all network-based attacks make it the only solution that can bring safety to the IoT. Read our white paper to get a glimpse under the hood and learn more.

The CoreGuard Advantage

Based on eight years of development, CoreGuard is the ultimate solution to provide embedded systems with the safety they're so desperately lacking.

  • Security in silicon
  • Customizable and updateable
  • Eliminates zero-day attacks
  • Compartmentalization +
  • Compatible design
  • Efficient engagement model



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