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The Internet of Things (IoT) is Dangerous. But it Doesn't Have to Be.

November 26, 2018
| Jothy Rosenberg

Barnaby Jack, laptop in hand, stood 50-feet away and hit return on his keyboard.

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Understanding Herd Immunity and How It Can Help Secure the Internet of Things

September 19, 2018
| Jothy Rosenberg


As cyberattacks grow in both number and complexity, they also present an outsized threat to civilized society as we know it.

Ironically, one of our best resources for understanding how to solve this problem doesn’t come from computer...

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How RISC-V is Changing the Game

March 28, 2018
| Team Dover

RISC-V, the new open source instruction set architecture, is changing the processor market.

RISC-V Processors

Moore and Moore? The Fate of Processor Design

December 08, 2017
| Team Dover

With quick returns to processor innovation gone, designers must look elsewhere for the next generation of computing hardware. 

Embedded Processors

What is Secure Processing?

September 18, 2017
| Jothy Rosenberg

CEO Jothy Rosenberg explains how CoreGuard Stands out from other hardware security solutions.

Security Buffer Overflow Processors CoreGuard

We Need to Have a Talk About Buffer Overflows

September 11, 2017
| Jothy Rosenberg

Let's understand buffer overflows and how they are used to gain backdoor access to your system.

CEO Column Security Processors Buffer Overflow

Alphabet Soup: Cup 1

September 06, 2017
| Nicole Perrault

Dover's Director of Technical content Nicole Perrault demystifies the world of computer hardware jargon.

Processors SoC

Does RISC-V Mean Open Source Processors?

August 30, 2017
| Team Dover

Open standard RISC-V ISA equals open source processors, right?

RISC-V Processors

Our Cybersecurity Problem Can Only Be Solved in Hardware

August 29, 2017
| Jothy Rosenberg

Our modern cybersecurity problem demands an unchangeable hardware solution. 

CEO Column Security Processors

Learn How Modern Processors Are Like Jar Jar Binks

July 24, 2017
| Jothy Rosenberg

All embedded devices have processors that act just like our favorite Star Wars character.

Processors Security Star Wars CEO Column