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IoT: Where's the Security?

September 27, 2018
by Dan Ganousis

The Internet of Things makes a lot of promises.

Smarter houses that light up when you return home and adjust the temperature before you can even say, “I’m cold.” Autonomous vehicles that get you from point A to B while you catch up on today’s...

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Understanding Herd Immunity and How It Can Help Secure the Internet of Things

September 19, 2018
by Jothy Rosenberg


As cyberattacks grow in both number and complexity, they also present an outsized threat to civilized society as we know it.

Ironically, one of our best resources for understanding how to solve this problem doesn’t come from computer...

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New World Order: Cybercriminal Groups Pose Greater Threat Than Nation-States

September 13, 2018
by Sal Trifilio


If you’re a utility company, then you’ve probably already received warnings from the Department of Homeland Security about nation-states that are trying to infiltrate and disrupt the United States electrical grid.

But new reporting by the ...

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Sorting Out Security: Making Sense of Today’s Solutions

June 26, 2018
by Jothy Rosenberg

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is confusing and difficult to navigate. There are thousands of vendors selling different flavors of security solutions for embedded systems and networks.

Solutions range from antivirus software to encryption to...


Why GDPR Is Changing the Face of Data Privacy

April 23, 2018
by Team Dover

A forthcoming EU regulation is changing the international landscape of data privacy.

GDPR Privacy

The Return of Ransomware & How It Impacts You

April 05, 2018
by Team Dover

Recent attacks against corporations highlight the need for a comprehensive security solution.

Ransomware Software Security

How RISC-V is Changing the Game

March 28, 2018
by Team Dover

RISC-V, the new open source instruction set architecture, is changing the processor market.

RISC-V Processors

IoT Trust by CoreGuard: Automotive Privacy Demonstration

March 16, 2018
by Team Dover

Didn’t to make it to Embedded World? Watch as CoreGuard ensures automotive data privacy.

Privacy EmbeddedWorld Automotive

Three Steps Towards Connected Device Security

March 02, 2018
by Team Dover

Our personal information is accessed by a host of embedded systems, take these steps to secure it.

Embedded Security

How CoreGuard Enforces IoT Security, Safety, and Privacy

February 23, 2018
by Team Dover

Learn how the three pillars of IoT security are ensured by Dover's CoreGuard. 

CoreGuard Safety Security Privacy