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Luke ... You are your father

It is inevitable that we ultimately become our parents (although let’s see what eventually happens to Luke this December). I surely have become my father—and swear I hear his words in my voice more times than I care to admit.  My two sons are as obsessed with Star Wars and Star Trek as I was when I was a kid.  And although these franchises have provided great fodder for conversations, I have learned we see them through very different eyes.

I find it ironic that Star Wars was set in the “past” (a long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away), Star Trek was set in the future (sometime around 2280 I think… someone give me the correct StarDate), but the worlds they imagined have become our present. 

The “communicators,” “replicators,” “drones,” and “voice-recognition computers” in the sci-fi universes of my childhood were inventions of pure fantasy. Here we are now with cells phones, 3-D printers, drones (still called that … ), and my best friend, Siri.  My technical fantasies are my kids’ realities.  Any technology depicted even in the newest incarnation of these films seems to elicit more “so what” than “oh-wow” from my kids.  So begins the “when I was a kid … ” speech — minus the two mile walk to the theatre in a snowstorm.

Through our successful repeated interactions with technology, we gradually develop a sense of trust. But this trust is not complete and is constantly tested.

Every now and then, we are upset to learn that our credit card information was stolen from a hacked retailer, our email crashed due to a new virus, or we were tricked through phish bait to reveal a password and lost control of a social media account. Even though our trust has been misplaced, and we scramble to clean up the ugly mess, necessities of modern life compel us to apprehensively carry on. In time, our trust is rebuilt—until the next headline or security alert.

Until recently, the real risks for most folks when it comes to cybercrime has been limited to their intangible assets such as identities, bank accounts, emails, passwords, social media profiles, and photo libraries (let’s just call all that “content”). But in this dangerous new world, we are quickly moving from not only having to be concerned about protecting our content, we now have to be concerned about protecting ourselves, our children, our homes, and our property from the actual connected devices that we have enthusiastically brought into our lives—perhaps even camped out in lines to acquire.

If we live in a world of tomorrow, we cannot rely on yesterday’s security technology

Drones fly through our skies, autonomous vehicles drive on our roads, thermostats know when we are home, and Alexa is listening. The future is now. All of these devices employ security based on decades-old designs, or software with inherent vulnerabilities. 

A car is re-directed into a tree. A pacemaker is told to shut-off. A cell phone is instructed to overheat and explode.  Electronic locks are unlatched.  A baby monitor is hacked. You get the idea.

Our entire connected worlds are like the Death Star, with one fatal internal flaw built into them, ready to be exploited.  Traditional cybersecurity approaches are outdated and easily outsmarted. We at Dover have developed cutting edge semiconductor security solutions and are leading the revolution in cybersecurity.  Join the Rebellion.

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