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IoT Trust by CoreGuard: Automotive Privacy Demonstration

Didn’t to make it to Embedded World? Watch as CoreGuard ensures automotive data privacy.

In the video below you will watch as an attacker attempts to gain access to two different car infotainment systems, one protected by CoreGuard and one that is not.The attacker will be able to access the sensitive information on the unprotected system, but will be stopped by the system protected by CoreGuard.

This is a simple real world demonstration of the power of CoreGuard. By utilizing a privacy micropolicy, the processor of the infotainment system that is protected by CoreGuard is able to stop a buffer overflow attack carried out over Bluetooth. The sensitive information stored on the device, including GPS location and text messages, are inaccessible to the attacker. 

Video Demonstration

Watch below as CoreGuard micropolicies work to keep sensitive user data private. 


Defense In Depth

This is just one instance of how CoreGuard provides IoT trust by ensuring embedded system privacy. CoreGuard takes a Defense in Depth approach by offering a wide range of micropolicies that can be customized to any user application. Keep an eye out for future blog posts demonstrating other ways in which CoreGuard can protect embedded systems crucial to your everyday life. 


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