Come and meet Dover at the 15th Annual International SoC Conference in Irvine, CA.

Dover is excited to announce that we will be attending and presenting at the International SoC conference this October 18th - 19th at the University of California, Irvine. The two day conference focuses on the marketplace and engineering aspects of the ever-expanding SoC universe. Professor Michael Green, Chairman of Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine stated, “The annual International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conferences have been an outstanding forum to gather the leading-edge technologies and products from industry leaders and highly-recognized academia into a two-day SoC Conference for those who are involved in designing complex ICs and IPs, researchers, semiconductor and EDA technologists, analysts, and students across the world.” The conference will feature keynote presentations from companies including Microsemi and Intel, along with daily workshops and panels.

Our CTO Steven Milburn will be presenting on October 18th about Dover’s CoreGuard IP security solution (officially released last week). Steve has been a member of the team at Dover since 2016 and draws on his experience as a System-on-Chip and microprocessor architect, as well as his program management and design leadership expertise. Here is a brief excerpt from his presentation abstract:

Dover’s IP solution, CoreGuardTM , is the result of over 7 years and $31MM in government funding, starting with $25MM worth of DARPA CRASH SAFE program funding to create inherently secure processors that would be immune to the next Stuxnet. CoreGuardTM is designed around a concept of metadata tagging, wherein every piece of code and data in the system has a corresponding metadata tag. These metadata tags are inspected upon every instruction retired by the processor to ensure they conform to all the policies installed on the SoC. These policies, and the meaning of the metadata, are defined in a software suite that runs in a secured fashion, either on an entirely separate core, or as a special execution mode of the host processor. Instructions are checked against these policies before any retired values are committed to the SoC. Therefore, CoreGuardTM can stop a violation, and hence an attack, before executing even a single instruction of the attack.


For further information regarding other speakers at the event or to register, click here. We encourage everyone in the semiconductor and security community to come out and say hello to the Dover team!


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